Silver Anemone

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... Here's a nice bouquet that I made for a friend's project.  Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, I sure enjoyed mine!
A few peeps, are asking about the design process from start to finish.  I am doing a couple of project early November... So watch out for some sketches that I will be posting!
White Anemone with Silver dragees

Rosie's Cheer Cake

 This cake is inspired by the Panther Cheer uniform for Rosie's 15th bday.  Colours turned out great in this hot pink cake!!  In addition to this cake, Nancy (Rosie's mom) requested 25 oversized cupcake toppers with the Panther's colours.  This was a learning curve for me, I never had to make a multi-coloured (fused) ribbon before.  Quite happy how this all turned out and I hope Rosie is too!

Emma's Posh Cake

Lee-Ann's oldest girl, Emma is turning 9! She liked a cake that I previous made called Winn's Roses.  I wanted it to be similar but younger.  I enjoyed making this cake and her mom request it to be made out of Marshmallow fondant.  It turns out that today, was the warmest day in the last 3 weeks...  It was sooo fun (NOT!) trying to cover a square cake while the marshmallow fondant was trying to melt off the cake.  How fun! But, Emma is such a sweet girl and I tried my best to make sure she gets a beautifully decorated spa cake!

In the end, I loved the design and how it turned out despite the heat.
Victorian Sponge Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Lee-Ann and Emma, I hope you enjoyed the cake and It would be get a copy of a photo to post! *hint* *hint*  :)