200 cookies in 2 days!

Rainbow cookies + Vanilla, orange and lemon sugar cookies + matching bows = so cute!
The dilema.. bake the cookies way in advance so I am not rushed with icing and packaging but the sugar cookies won't taste as fresh or bake 2 days before the event and don't sleep but you have fresh tasting cookies for the event? Well.. the later of course! After 2 days in the kitchen...

Colours of the rainbow. Sugar cookies(Vanilla, orange, lemon) iced with royal icing.

Packaged, beribboned and tagged 

Star Wars Cake

Star wars cake...hmm, so many options... lego-like or not! But in the end, I found these cake toppers as a set,  with light sabers that actual lights up.  Instead of making the 3D figurines that will cost $$, this is an another alternative. 

3D Panda Cake

When I received a request for a panda cake and the first thing I asked if they wanted a cutesy panda cake.  Definitely cutesy! 'Po' from Kung fu panda definitely came to mind so here is what I came up with...

Edible bamboo, chocolate covered rocks, gumpaste 3D panda

Stargazers Wedding Cake

Nirvana's wedding cake.  I had the pleasure to meet her fiance and parents and they are very sweet! One of the things I love about making event cakes are the people you meet. Delivery was new experience as I never delivered in a yacht before, there reception is on the Magic Charm yacht.  The cake is made out of buttercream (not fondant), I haven't worked in buttercream for many months.

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting, gumpaste lilies and filler flowers

Edible gumpaste flowers