Love! Love! Love!

So, our 8th wedding anniversary just passed and I want to make a cake that symbolizes the 3 most important people in my life.  I do love pastels and this cake is so versatile!  Think baby shower, birthdays etc!! Hope you like it too!

Happy Mother's Day!

What did I want for Mother's Day? A day-off, of course!  I spent the afternoon making 2 cakes without interruptions from the kids courtesy of DH (dear Husband!)

Pistachio Ganache Cupcakes

Lately, I developed an obsession with Pistachio.  Pistachio this, pistachio that...they are so expensive!  I found a reason to use my left over pistachio... make pistachio and chocolate cupcakes.

French Pistachio Macarons

Macaron? You mean Macaroons? Nope, Macaron like the French Macaron.  Pistachio nut meringue cookies sandwiching rich pistachio chocolate ganache.  Oh my! what a treat! I always wanted to try to make macaron but I woke up today wanting to make this. Salivating already!
First crack at this and I know it did not rise as it should have but it tasted great! 

Winn's Roses

It's my mother-in-law's, Winnifred's, birthday and I was stumped.  I did not really know what to get her so I baked her a cake.  I wanted to try doing Gum Paste roses.  I tried two techniques in this cake, the single cutter and the five petal rose method.  Since, it was my first try in doing GP roses, I don't have a preference yet.  It was a surprise birthday party and we ate at my Uncle's, Pin Pin Restaurant.  I was so stuffed I could barely move! Awesome food and service :)
Here is a closer view of the bouquet of roses.  The single petal example is the bottom-middle right side and the five petal method is the one on the top left rose. It turned out beautifully and Winn loved her cake!