Parisian Theme Cake

I love this theme.  I was asked to make a black and white Parisian inspired cake and I did not know where to go.  So much design possibilities, so little time.  In fact, I had just over 24 hours to make this cake.  Although not impossible, I would have like more time to 'pimp' my cake.  I couldn't get enough of this theme, I needed to pry my hands off this cake.  Seriously!  I wanted to add this and that... I would have like to make a 3 tier cake out of this theme alone.  

 Rich chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream.

Lightning Mcqueen - Disney's Cars Theme Cake

Never sculpted a car cake before and this was a challenging one.  Basically two cakes on top of each other with different elements.  I'm glad a had an opportunity to make this cake for this a really cool dude!

Retirement Cake - Island Getaway

I usually do fondant covered cakes and it was nice change creating a buttercream cake.  It's more challenging than fondant in way that all imperfections are exposed.  I am very happy how it turned out specially the waves. 

Elmo Cake and Cupcake Topper

Just wanted to share a new version/photo of a previous Elmo topper that I've done.

Gumpaste Pumpkins!

What a busy, busy few weeks! 2 colds, a party, an injury and a disaster! I'm so excited to be back with a couple of cake projects... I'm looking forward to the distraction it brings me :) Visit soon to see my finished projects. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! 

Good news. Website is up! Visit and have a looksy! I had to redo the website AGAIN! To celebrate, here's a photo to share of my home made pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin made out of gumpaste and fondant