Another lesson learned and Miah's 22nd!

 It has been a very busy week. Lots of things going on. Bam! Before I knew it, projects due! So many little things went wrong but that is the GREAT thing about creating... You create even if it does not go your way! Well, here is the picture of the "wood flooring". I let this dry for a few days and the only thing I actually did in advance.
Fondant cake board, painted with gel food colour

Another reminder to myself? if in doubt add alittle more.   I short changed myself when I rolled my fondant and ended up rolling it too thin which caused tearing.  Fortunately, It teared on spots I could cover.  What a relief!

Hope Jeremiah likes his cake!  Mocha Chocolata Cake with Chocolate Swiss Buttercream!  
Rich and delicious!

Debbie's Wedding Cake

 *Sigh* Finally, after 3 days of shopping, prepping, baking, icing and decorating... it's finally done.  My first attempt on a wedding cake.  For my first time, I did not do too bad.  I can see ALL of the tiny imperfections  or improvements that I need to make for my second but this is a good learning curve and since it's my family, they would be more forgiving.  But, they all love the cake, I received an arm full of compliments and most importantly, it tasted great! Now, I know what to expect and stream line production - overall I am very happy with the result.
 Deb emailed me with a photo and she wishes to replicate it.  After a few flavour changes, we decided to do an Espresso Cake with Mascarpone and Chocolate Buttercream with Rum Syrup.  It tasted like a Tiramisu with a twist!  We had a blast, great food, good company and a Yummy Dessert!

Only in an Hour - Thomas the Train for Ty

Only one hour to assemble and decorate? no problem!
I asked Ty what cake he wanted he said Thomas.  After a stressful night, I did not feel like making the cake the night before.  So, the next morning, in between drop offs and pick ups from schools... We made this cake.  It took Ty and I one whole hour to assemble and decorate his 4th birthday cake.  I say, we did not do so bad considering we only had an hour.
Dutch Chocoalte Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  The cake topper was an actual toy that has been washed and sanitized.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Cinnamon Whipped Cream and Butterscotch Syrup

I promised myself... NO more baking and cooking projects until the Deb's wedding cake.  I cannot ressist and stop myself from getting out of the kitchen.  The only downside is the clean up.  I hate dish washing. I hate like I hate liver! 
My sister's getting married in Mexico, I guess I am not making her wedding cake. Unless, I ship it or do you think they'll let me in the resort kitchen to make a cake?
What a mouthful of a title but this dessert was simply divine. I've done this dessert before and it was always been popular.  I've got some left over dried dates and viola! Easter dinner dessert divinity!

Don's Diplomat Cake Cont.

A slice of the Diplomat cake.  So, I out voted the Bon Ton's diplomat cake 5-0! This cake was delish!