Little known Penguin - but SUPER none of the less!

One of our friends from school requested a SUPERTUX cake.  "Supertux?", I asked.  To make a long story short, it's a freeware game supplied to Linux customers. Their adorable boy, Ryan, loves the game and that started my journey getting to know Supertux.  To be honest, never heard of that game before and to be fair and design the cake accurately, I decided to play it.  It's not a bad game, the kids like it! It feels like and is very similar to Super Mario Bros.  I played it, designed it and made it.  Talk about dedication.  LOL.  Well hope you all like this cake.  I got quiet attached to the little penguin but I am happy to see that Ryan likes his cake and most importantly recognizes it as a Supertux cake.

Summer's Bounty

We have been really fortunate this summer with our garden bounty.  The kids have been working hard in maintaining the little fruit/veg in the backyard.  We have 4 young blueberry trees, a really small field of strawberries, a bunch of raspberries, pumpkin plant and 10 corn stalks.  And, one sunflower plant orphaned from last years... We did not plant one this year but it grew anyways!
Here are some pictures to share..

Baby Shower Cake

Busy weekend this week.  It seems everything comes in 3s.  3 life changing news and 3 cakes!   On Wednesday, I was in panic mode but it all worked out as I had a cancellation.  Whew! Sometimes, you must look at the brighter side of things. 
 This cake is requested by a friend also named Christine for a Baby Shower.  She requested Vanilla and Mango.  I got the cradle idea from another  fellow blogger but I added my own spin on it, will credit her when I remember where I got it from. I decided to add the ruffles, ribbons and bows.  The pillow and babe is made out of gumpaste.  I was just going to fill the cradle with baby things but I decided to to make a baby boy.  The swaddle, I had to play around with and the baby pin has a non edible material, floral wire.

So Many Stars...

My cousin asked me to make a Surprise bday cake for their mom, Marilyn.  Of course, I said yes! Although, It's a busy long weekend, I will make it happen.  The request was for a jazzy, musical cake.  I asked what her fave songs was and I got "So many stars" by Sergio Mendes.  So here it is,
Vanilla Chiffon with Mango buttercream.  The border is an edible musical sheet icing.