Grace and Grace

My bro-in-law's friend, Grace, wanted a cake for Grace - another friend.  They are practically family-they've been friends since the old ages! LOL :)  Anywhoo, it's a 10th year anniversary cake... a replica of their wedding cake. 

 the original Wedding cake.
(courtesy of Grace and Steve)
My replica.

It's made out of  light and airy Vanilla Chiffon, fresh and local raspberry infused syrup and natural raspberry Italian meringue buttercream.  I also wanted to try something I never have before, instead of dirty icing or crumb coating the tiers - I made some White Chocolate Ganache and covered the cake.

I hope they like it!

Velvet Dreams

It's been awhile... busy with other things.  I made this batch of Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting for my daughter's teachers and my hubbie's co-workers.  I will find reason to bake!  This recipe is delish!  The cake has a hint of chocolate.  Yummy!