Precious, Rea!

Courtesy of Maricar, Rea's Aunt, she kindly emailed me pictures of the cake and cupcakes.  Her reaction was so precious! I'm glad she loved her cake, I had fun doing it.
 Thanks Maricar for the gorgeous pictures!

Rea's Tinkerbell Cake

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share my latest project with you all.  I have been working with Maricar, Rea's Aunt, for a couple of months now and today... I finished her tinkerbell cake.

At first, it was a different cake altogether, tinkerbell theme but similar to one of the cakes I've done previously.  here's the sketch...

Then, I found a topper (instead of gumpaste which was more costly due to the labour involved).  I emailed this photo.  I believed Rea preferred this photo, so we switched the design to this one...
(I didn't make this one :))

 With further ado, here's the finished product and the cupcakes that went with tink..
Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting
 Vanilla sponge cake with Callebaut chocolate buttercream

Hope you have a wonderful 7th birthday, Rea!