Natalie's Present Cake

I love, love the opportunity to improve on a previous cake.  It's the perfectionist in me that wants to make it better, improve and make it perfect!!!  Well, not perfect maybe but close, very close.   I got an email about this particular cake that I've done before and love, love the new colour combo! A pretty cake!

Vanilla cake with chocolate butter cream

Received many request what my sketches look like and I will try to post them here in the blog.  Here's the cake sketch for the 'Natalie' cake.

Oops! forgot the tag detail that we spoke about so... Here's quick, very quick draft sketch of the cake.

I thought it's pretty close the sketch.  And, I hope you like them!

Couch Potato Cake

Okay.. I was not so sure about this cake at first.  Yes, it's very humorous! But, I never tried a cake like this before.  This was the first time I played around with RKT (Rice Krispy Treats).  In the end, I had fun with this cake, glad I made it and it was a good challenge. 

Harris' Golf Cake

Lesson learned:  If you are committed to a cake... do not procrastinate! I had two hours to assemble, cover and decorate this cake.  Various things keeping popping up.  I'm so relieved that this cake turned out so cute!
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting.

Kaliah`s Bear

Wow, December 2010 came and gone too fast.  Just like that *finger snap* it`s January 2011.  Happy New Years to everyone!  After 22 dozen cupcakes this December and a few cakes, I`m ready to hang my apron and take a vacation. I keep telling my hubbie that this is my last cake, my last dozen but it seems that they kept coming and I AM such a big softie!  But, a last minute call from a mom of a baby girl (whose celebrating her 1st bday)... as a Mom of 2, I couldn`t say no. I hope they like it...
chocolate cake with chocolate ganache buttercream