Pavan's Wedding Cake

This is such a timeless, elegant and simple design! I loved how this cake turned out.  The whole reception area is decorated with the same colours and I am so happy that the ribbon colours almost exactly matched the bride, Pavan's theme.  The ballroom is beautifully decorated! 

gumpaste peonies up close

Website Questions

Hi Everyone!  I got a few question about my website.  My main website is forwarded to my other site

Please be advise that if you typed the former and did not get forwarded to the latter, please use the second site. 



Got a request for a Naruto cake. A what cake? Naruto. Well, I guess this anime is not yet my children's age genre so never heard from it.  Google is the best place to research and educate ones self!

So, here is the result!

Mickey Mouse Theme Cake

One of my little boys favorite cartoons, I had a blast making this cake! So fun!

Ariane's 18th Birthday Bash

Turning 18 is a big deal for a Filipino family and what do they do... they celebrate with a big bang!  One of my co-worker's sister is celebrating her debut and I have to say YES!

I wanted to give her a modern cake and I thought giving her a bouquet of cakes is different and unique!

Vanilla cake with mango buttercream, Red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake Theme Cake

My daughter is going through a stage of "I don't like girly things" or "I don't like pink, anymore!". I have to admit, when I had her, I was so happy to have a little doll to dress up in PINK! Well, it was short lived, 7 years later... she doesnot like pink! This saddens me and when I received a request for a Strawberry Shortcake Theme Cake... I jumped in without no hesitation. After all, I used to watch this cartoon when I was my daughter's age.

cake pops to match!