The Tales of Two Baby Showers Pt. 2 - Gloria

Two baby shower cake in a week, haven't done that in ages!  This is a cake for a work baby shower for a colleague.  It was sort of a surprise, but she knew that we are throwing her one.  It would have been near impossible to hide it from her.  
It's a baby Simba cake from Lion King.  The cake topper is made out of fondant and gumpaste.  

Simba Baby Shower Cake

Don & Su Wedding Cake

Wedding cake theme is Parisian.  I want the cake to have a classical Parisian feel so after an afternoon meeting to brainstorm... Here's the end result 

gumpaste tricolour rose petal flower

baroque fleur de lis

cake display.  Left and Center made by moi, far right danish cake made by friend of the bride.

Smiley face - 2 hr cake challenge?

So, 2 hours for a cake (except for cooling time - of course! :)) No problem!
I'm not much of a procrastinator but hey! it happens specially when it is a very
simple cake.  Simple cakes are the hardest! I'm like.. "no sweat!" I can do that tomorrow!!! So, I baked... 45 mins at 2:00am
Left it too cool as I am thawing my butter overnight  (didn't count)
I made the buttercream - 30 mins at 6:00am
Iced cake - 15 mins
fridged to set the buttercream whilst I have breakfast (didn't count)
fondant and decorate - 30 mins
---total time 2 hours---

Justin's Ninjago Cake

 This was a very fun cake to make!  I love replicating.. it's very challenging but very fun!

Justin's name was hand cut with the LEGO print insipirated.  The "NINJAGO" and eyes was also handcut on fondant.

Gold dragon was hand drawn

size comparison from the toy inspiration

Justin before blowing the candles.

The Tales of Two Baby Shower Pt. 1 - Paola

Wow! It's been awhile since my last posting.  It has been a CRAZY year.  No time to post so I'm looking forward updating my blog.  Let's start with a Baby Shower for a soon-to-be-born Baby Boy!
 Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Mango Buttercream

 Guest favours! Matching blue pails with a lolly and baby boy theme candies

On top of the cake above, my first foray to diaper cakes!  

The cake theme is based on this party theme decoration