200 cookies in 2 days!

Rainbow cookies + Vanilla, orange and lemon sugar cookies + matching bows = so cute!
The dilema.. bake the cookies way in advance so I am not rushed with icing and packaging but the sugar cookies won't taste as fresh or bake 2 days before the event and don't sleep but you have fresh tasting cookies for the event? Well.. the later of course! After 2 days in the kitchen...

Colours of the rainbow. Sugar cookies(Vanilla, orange, lemon) iced with royal icing.

Packaged, beribboned and tagged 

Star Wars Cake

Star wars cake...hmm, so many options... lego-like or not! But in the end, I found these cake toppers as a set,  with light sabers that actual lights up.  Instead of making the 3D figurines that will cost $$, this is an another alternative. 

3D Panda Cake

When I received a request for a panda cake and the first thing I asked if they wanted a cutesy panda cake.  Definitely cutesy! 'Po' from Kung fu panda definitely came to mind so here is what I came up with...

Edible bamboo, chocolate covered rocks, gumpaste 3D panda

Stargazers Wedding Cake

Nirvana's wedding cake.  I had the pleasure to meet her fiance and parents and they are very sweet! One of the things I love about making event cakes are the people you meet. Delivery was new experience as I never delivered in a yacht before, there reception is on the Magic Charm yacht.  The cake is made out of buttercream (not fondant), I haven't worked in buttercream for many months.

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting, gumpaste lilies and filler flowers

Edible gumpaste flowers

Pavan's Wedding Cake

This is such a timeless, elegant and simple design! I loved how this cake turned out.  The whole reception area is decorated with the same colours and I am so happy that the ribbon colours almost exactly matched the bride, Pavan's theme.  The ballroom is beautifully decorated! 

gumpaste peonies up close

Website Questions

Hi Everyone!  I got a few question about my website.  My main website www.yummythingy.com is forwarded to my other site www.yummythingycakes.com.

Please be advise that if you typed the former and did not get forwarded to the latter, please use the second site. 



Got a request for a Naruto cake. A what cake? Naruto. Well, I guess this anime is not yet my children's age genre so never heard from it.  Google is the best place to research and educate ones self!

So, here is the result!

Mickey Mouse Theme Cake

One of my little boys favorite cartoons, I had a blast making this cake! So fun!

Ariane's 18th Birthday Bash

Turning 18 is a big deal for a Filipino family and what do they do... they celebrate with a big bang!  One of my co-worker's sister is celebrating her debut and I have to say YES!

I wanted to give her a modern cake and I thought giving her a bouquet of cakes is different and unique!

Vanilla cake with mango buttercream, Red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake Theme Cake

My daughter is going through a stage of "I don't like girly things" or "I don't like pink, anymore!". I have to admit, when I had her, I was so happy to have a little doll to dress up in PINK! Well, it was short lived, 7 years later... she doesnot like pink! This saddens me and when I received a request for a Strawberry Shortcake Theme Cake... I jumped in without no hesitation. After all, I used to watch this cartoon when I was my daughter's age.

cake pops to match!

Farm Theme Cake

I received a request from Irene's cousin, Vanessa.  It's a barn/farm theme cakes and ideas for a smash cake.  A few emails later, we came up with this 2...Hope you like it!

Except for the balloon wires and a lollipop stick to support the horsey, everything is edible.  Barn is made out fo cake.   Vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream.

Originally, made out of pink gumballs but since Gabriel is turning 2, pipped buttercream instead! The eyes and nose are made from turned over chocolate chips.

Chris and Katie Wedding

This week is the start of my wedding season and I will be a very busy girl this summer! For those who know me personally and you don't see me around anymore - don't worry! I'm in the kitchen!

Here is Chris and Katie's Wedding cake.  Damask and black and white anemones.. classic!
Coconut cake with 2 flavour buttercreams: coconut lime and rum buttercream

Cake Sale

Just wanted to share my newest cupcake creations! Enjoy :)
Vanilla Cake with Strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberry reduction

Just in time for camping season: S'mores! Cupcakes. Honey graham cake with a hint of cinnamon, chocolate ganache and home made marshmallow.  Yummy!

Pokemon Theme Party

I had not posted in awhile, be prepared... I have a few post to do!  First, Ty's 5th birthday.  Pokemon theme party featuring pokemon friends cake and pokeball cake pops.
Vanilla Cake with Vanilla buttercream

It's a love and hate relationships with cake pops, it's the only kind of cake I eat (must be because of the chocolate outer shell) but it's a labour intensive process. 

Bake the cake, make the buttercream, shape the pops, freeze, melt chocolate, dip the pops, dry, decorate, dry some more and decorate then dry some more.

But, seeing how the kids love it... it's all worth every effort!

Thanks and hope you enjoyed it!

Hello Kitty Cake and Party Theme

Caitlyn's 7th Birthday and here are the photos of the cake table, snacks, cake pop and cake. This particular client is a very, very important one, as my daughter, she was not shy telling me what she wishes on her cake.  In fact she drew my a sketch of the cake.  

One of her favorite thing to do is cloud watching. And I won't pass up the opportunity to incorporate this on her cake.  It took me 3 days to shop, prep, bake and decorate the cake, cake pops and other snacks.  It's tiring but worth every effort!
Hello Kitty dessert table

Her favorite, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting
Hello Kitty Cake pops. Vanilla flavour.

Hello Kitty topper up close

Precious, Rea!

Courtesy of Maricar, Rea's Aunt, she kindly emailed me pictures of the cake and cupcakes.  Her reaction was so precious! I'm glad she loved her cake, I had fun doing it.
 Thanks Maricar for the gorgeous pictures!

Rea's Tinkerbell Cake

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share my latest project with you all.  I have been working with Maricar, Rea's Aunt, for a couple of months now and today... I finished her tinkerbell cake.

At first, it was a different cake altogether, tinkerbell theme but similar to one of the cakes I've done previously.  here's the sketch...

Then, I found a topper (instead of gumpaste which was more costly due to the labour involved).  I emailed this photo.  I believed Rea preferred this photo, so we switched the design to this one...
(I didn't make this one :))

 With further ado, here's the finished product and the cupcakes that went with tink..
Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting
 Vanilla sponge cake with Callebaut chocolate buttercream

Hope you have a wonderful 7th birthday, Rea!

Natalie's Present Cake

I love, love the opportunity to improve on a previous cake.  It's the perfectionist in me that wants to make it better, improve and make it perfect!!!  Well, not perfect maybe but close, very close.   I got an email about this particular cake that I've done before and love, love the new colour combo! A pretty cake!

Vanilla cake with chocolate butter cream

Received many request what my sketches look like and I will try to post them here in the blog.  Here's the cake sketch for the 'Natalie' cake.

Oops! forgot the tag detail that we spoke about so... Here's quick, very quick draft sketch of the cake.

I thought it's pretty close the sketch.  And, I hope you like them!

Couch Potato Cake

Okay.. I was not so sure about this cake at first.  Yes, it's very humorous! But, I never tried a cake like this before.  This was the first time I played around with RKT (Rice Krispy Treats).  In the end, I had fun with this cake, glad I made it and it was a good challenge. 

Harris' Golf Cake

Lesson learned:  If you are committed to a cake... do not procrastinate! I had two hours to assemble, cover and decorate this cake.  Various things keeping popping up.  I'm so relieved that this cake turned out so cute!
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting.

Kaliah`s Bear

Wow, December 2010 came and gone too fast.  Just like that *finger snap* it`s January 2011.  Happy New Years to everyone!  After 22 dozen cupcakes this December and a few cakes, I`m ready to hang my apron and take a vacation. I keep telling my hubbie that this is my last cake, my last dozen but it seems that they kept coming and I AM such a big softie!  But, a last minute call from a mom of a baby girl (whose celebrating her 1st bday)... as a Mom of 2, I couldn`t say no. I hope they like it...
chocolate cake with chocolate ganache buttercream