Aquarium Fish Theme Cake

Got a last minute request for an aquarium hobbyist. I'm not much of a 'fish person' and my little daughter can attest to this.  "There is no fish that looks like that!", she said.  I replied, "In my imagination... there is!".  I had loads of fun making this cake and hopefully they liked it too!

Chocolate Cake with coffee buttercream. 
Completely edible.

Christmas Cupcakes Galore

I am literally buried with cupcake requests this year.  I love this season, everything from trees to malls, houses to hedges are covered with Christmas lights.   So merry and bright!  To kick off my Christmas cupcake stretch, here is a picture I hope you all will like.

 Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting.  Topped with red sugar and gum paste candy cane.

Monogram Cupcakes

Forgot to share these photo...

Parisian Theme Cake

I love this theme.  I was asked to make a black and white Parisian inspired cake and I did not know where to go.  So much design possibilities, so little time.  In fact, I had just over 24 hours to make this cake.  Although not impossible, I would have like more time to 'pimp' my cake.  I couldn't get enough of this theme, I needed to pry my hands off this cake.  Seriously!  I wanted to add this and that... I would have like to make a 3 tier cake out of this theme alone.  

 Rich chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream.

Lightning Mcqueen - Disney's Cars Theme Cake

Never sculpted a car cake before and this was a challenging one.  Basically two cakes on top of each other with different elements.  I'm glad a had an opportunity to make this cake for this a really cool dude!

Retirement Cake - Island Getaway

I usually do fondant covered cakes and it was nice change creating a buttercream cake.  It's more challenging than fondant in way that all imperfections are exposed.  I am very happy how it turned out specially the waves. 

Elmo Cake and Cupcake Topper

Just wanted to share a new version/photo of a previous Elmo topper that I've done.

Gumpaste Pumpkins!

What a busy, busy few weeks! 2 colds, a party, an injury and a disaster! I'm so excited to be back with a couple of cake projects... I'm looking forward to the distraction it brings me :) Visit soon to see my finished projects. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! 

Good news. Website is up! Visit and have a looksy! I had to redo the website AGAIN! To celebrate, here's a photo to share of my home made pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin made out of gumpaste and fondant

Silver Anemone

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... Here's a nice bouquet that I made for a friend's project.  Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, I sure enjoyed mine!
A few peeps, are asking about the design process from start to finish.  I am doing a couple of project early November... So watch out for some sketches that I will be posting!
White Anemone with Silver dragees

Rosie's Cheer Cake

 This cake is inspired by the Panther Cheer uniform for Rosie's 15th bday.  Colours turned out great in this hot pink cake!!  In addition to this cake, Nancy (Rosie's mom) requested 25 oversized cupcake toppers with the Panther's colours.  This was a learning curve for me, I never had to make a multi-coloured (fused) ribbon before.  Quite happy how this all turned out and I hope Rosie is too!

Emma's Posh Cake

Lee-Ann's oldest girl, Emma is turning 9! She liked a cake that I previous made called Winn's Roses.  I wanted it to be similar but younger.  I enjoyed making this cake and her mom request it to be made out of Marshmallow fondant.  It turns out that today, was the warmest day in the last 3 weeks...  It was sooo fun (NOT!) trying to cover a square cake while the marshmallow fondant was trying to melt off the cake.  How fun! But, Emma is such a sweet girl and I tried my best to make sure she gets a beautifully decorated spa cake!

In the end, I loved the design and how it turned out despite the heat.
Victorian Sponge Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Lee-Ann and Emma, I hope you enjoyed the cake and It would be get a copy of a photo to post! *hint* *hint*  :)

Sneak Peeks!

Just wanted to give everyone a small dose of what I am working on today. 

Pe-Ya-nee, Pe-Oh-Nee! 100th Birthday PEONY Cake!

A month ago, my mother-in-law, Winn, mentioned that we are having a family get-together/Popo's 100th Birthday celebration.  I asked what I can do to help and a happily agreed to a cake.  But, travelling out of town with a cake - ferry ride and all, is a totally unknown experience for me.  My usual cake pick-up/ delivery are local areas 10-15 minutes of driving time.  This has been in the back of my mind for a month.  After asking numerous questions about colour, flower choice, flavour etc; Winn and sisters decided on purple, peony and mango.  They pretty much allowed me creative freedom on the design. 

After researching, I didn't realize that the Peony flower had such an abundance of petals.  Which means, it takes longer to do.  It was stressful for a bit, trying to find the right tools and materials for the peony but it worked out with a week to go. 

A blessing, also, showed to give me a helping hand... Lynn (bro-in-law's girl)! She is a cake decorator and I sorta asked her to give me a hand.   We laboured for 2 hours to create 5 blossoms! Whew! It worked! We are happy! A small hitch, paper towels used to open blossoms stuck to the petals and created breakages! Since I knew how to make them, it was easier to re-make 3 more blossoms and repaired the broken ones!

I thought I have been mispronouncing the word, PEONY!  I said, peyaknee and I was correct to say Pe-Oh-knee! But, Auntie Nelles, who was a former florist said that it's a Potato, Pohtatoh thing! So I felt better. 

So without further adieu, here is final result of the hard work and I must say I am very happy.

Vanilla Chiffon with Mango Buttercream and Mango Syrup

The party was great.  It was nice to see the cousin-in-laws and all the Aunties and Uncles!  It was such a nice day despite the early morning 5am wake-up schedule to catch the ferry. 
The cake was a hit and I beam like a proud mama when my little boy sang Tomorrow (Annie) accompanied by Renee on piano.

Starring Elmo!

Cake No. 2

A friend of the family is celebrating the 1st Birthday of their grandson, Dominic.  A short notice and I've committed for 2 cakes already, But, I can't say 'no' to them as they are super nice!  And, who says no to an Adorable boy? Not me! I am a softy!

They wanted a Sesame Street cake with Elmo as the star!  After a few drafts, a couple of changes... here is the final design.

(not shown: Elmo's face opposite side of cookie's face)

We want a Bright, Hot Pink Cake!

Wow, just finished another busy weekend with cake request.  3 cakes in 2 days, a trip out of town to deliver a very special cake to a very special person.  I will post this cake separately - Look for Peony, PeOny! 100th Birthday Cake!

Cake no. 1

I donated a cake to my daughter's spring fair and Anne won it for her twin girls birthday!  I am glad she won it as I know her from PAC and it was a pleasure making a cake for her daughters' 10th birthday.

Here is the request, they want a bright cake, hot pink and other bright colours.  After sending my sketches, they picked this cake.  I made them a Chocolate Chiffon for the bottom tier and Vanilla Chiffon for the top with vanilla bean buttercream icing.

Little known Penguin - but SUPER none of the less!

One of our friends from school requested a SUPERTUX cake.  "Supertux?", I asked.  To make a long story short, it's a freeware game supplied to Linux customers. Their adorable boy, Ryan, loves the game and that started my journey getting to know Supertux.  To be honest, never heard of that game before and to be fair and design the cake accurately, I decided to play it.  It's not a bad game, the kids like it! It feels like and is very similar to Super Mario Bros.  I played it, designed it and made it.  Talk about dedication.  LOL.  Well hope you all like this cake.  I got quiet attached to the little penguin but I am happy to see that Ryan likes his cake and most importantly recognizes it as a Supertux cake.

Summer's Bounty

We have been really fortunate this summer with our garden bounty.  The kids have been working hard in maintaining the little fruit/veg in the backyard.  We have 4 young blueberry trees, a really small field of strawberries, a bunch of raspberries, pumpkin plant and 10 corn stalks.  And, one sunflower plant orphaned from last years... We did not plant one this year but it grew anyways!
Here are some pictures to share..

Baby Shower Cake

Busy weekend this week.  It seems everything comes in 3s.  3 life changing news and 3 cakes!   On Wednesday, I was in panic mode but it all worked out as I had a cancellation.  Whew! Sometimes, you must look at the brighter side of things. 
 This cake is requested by a friend also named Christine for a Baby Shower.  She requested Vanilla and Mango.  I got the cradle idea from another  fellow blogger but I added my own spin on it, will credit her when I remember where I got it from. I decided to add the ruffles, ribbons and bows.  The pillow and babe is made out of gumpaste.  I was just going to fill the cradle with baby things but I decided to to make a baby boy.  The swaddle, I had to play around with and the baby pin has a non edible material, floral wire.

So Many Stars...

My cousin asked me to make a Surprise bday cake for their mom, Marilyn.  Of course, I said yes! Although, It's a busy long weekend, I will make it happen.  The request was for a jazzy, musical cake.  I asked what her fave songs was and I got "So many stars" by Sergio Mendes.  So here it is,
Vanilla Chiffon with Mango buttercream.  The border is an edible musical sheet icing.

Grace and Grace

My bro-in-law's friend, Grace, wanted a cake for Grace - another friend.  They are practically family-they've been friends since the old ages! LOL :)  Anywhoo, it's a 10th year anniversary cake... a replica of their wedding cake. 

 the original Wedding cake.
(courtesy of Grace and Steve)
My replica.

It's made out of  light and airy Vanilla Chiffon, fresh and local raspberry infused syrup and natural raspberry Italian meringue buttercream.  I also wanted to try something I never have before, instead of dirty icing or crumb coating the tiers - I made some White Chocolate Ganache and covered the cake.

I hope they like it!

Velvet Dreams

It's been awhile... busy with other things.  I made this batch of Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting for my daughter's teachers and my hubbie's co-workers.  I will find reason to bake!  This recipe is delish!  The cake has a hint of chocolate.  Yummy!

Alyssa's Birthday

So, my friend, Alyssa turned 32!  I asked her daughter, Jaimie, what kind of cake her mom would like? Colour? Flower?  Jaimie answered, purple, ladybugs and daisies! 

Fondant and chocolate (cupcake wrapper) cake.  Vanilla and White Chocolate Buttercream with Vanilla bean syrup.  Yummy! 

Butter Heaven!!!

Butter. What more can I say?  Butter taste good, makes everything it touches taste good.  You bake without it... it does not taste the same! On corn... yum! toast, pasta, popcorn, cupcakes...

So, Can you make butter at home?  I heard it's alot of work, churning and churning forever!  Every family has a butter churning story!  Mine, my family? Nope.. asian/ oriental cuisine does not use or depend on butter (oh! sacrilege!).  Anyways, on our first class with Chef Maurizio, he mentioned that when you over whipped cream, don't panic, just keep on going and make butter.  Make butter? butter? really?  I am so intrigued!  Chef gave us a quick run down on making butter but I am so determine to make my yellow goodness at home that I came home that same night and was 'googling' (is that a word?) how to make butter!  Yep, I found excellent instruction over the internet!

So, when to the market and purchased regular whipping cream and the organic version.  It took me a few days to get enough courage to go ahead and make my own *gulp* butter!

So here is the result... (summarized version)
over whipped cream, turning a little yellow and a little thick!

fat separating from milk which will turn to buttermilk

I don't have a picture of the straining.  I used a cheese cloth and separated the fat from the buttermilk.  You'll end up with a yellow, yummy butter. Remember, rinse your butter to completely rinse the buttermilk. Drain well!

 taste test! Unsalted butter, left: store brand.  I can hardly taste the difference but the home made butter texture is so smooth!

Last but not the least, fresh buttermilk!

A few facts before, I end this super long post, bare with me and thanks for your patience!
These info are taken from sources. I am no butter expert but here's what I learned.
  • When you use your Kitchen Aid to over-whip your cream, it will splash everywhere, unless you want to wear milk and smell like buttermilk, please cover your kitchen aid (while whipping) with a tea towel or something.
  • Best butter money can buy are European butters, it has over 80% butter fat.  Store bought ones (yes, even the organic ones) have at least 10% less.  
  • Store bought ones are mix with water or the buttermilk is not completely drain.  Why? they have more yield on their production.$$$ *cha-ching!*
  • The more butter fat your butter has the better!
  • Always use unsalted, you can control your salt!

Thank You!

Banana Cupcake with Cream Cheese Buttercream

Cait has been asking me to make her some banana cake to take to school as a recess snack.  So I made a double batch of Moist Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream.  I am not a big Cream Cheese desserts.  I find them to dense and strong tasting.  But I do love cream cheese on savory dishes.  For mother's day I made my mom some pistachio cheese cake and it was pretty good!  
I had to play around the portion of c.cheese and icing sugar as I wish it to have a hint of c. cheese without overpowering the banana. It is so YUMMY!

Jorge's 26th

Paola wanted to surprise her fiance with a football helmet cake.  I never tried making a 3D helmet before so why not.  What a challenge! I was up pass 3am for this cake it's worth it.  I hope they both like it!!! 

Black and White Classic!

There something about a black and white cakes that screams classic!  It always reminds me of the classic 'Sabrina' movie with Audrey Hepburn.  Could it be the glorious black Givenchy dress?  How about topped with a classic and simple White Anemone flower? 

I wanted to make a simple and classic cake donation for a silent auction and here is what I came up with inspired by P. Porschen.

I can't resist sharing another one... One of the cake designs that I made from the cake class with Cheft Maurizio P. from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.  

How many cakes can you make in a Day?

I don't know about you but I think 4 is way to much.  That is the number I have to bake, assemble and decorate for the Spring Fair.  In between the baking and cooling, I have 2 kids to care for, referee and entertain.  Thank goodness for Pokemon!  I still have one more Very, Very Special cake to make for someone :D... it's a surprise!  I will post pictures on Sunday!

My Guinea Pigs!

From those who know me, they would know that I am a total FAKE!  I love, love to bake but I don't eat lots of sweets!  Baking is my outlet and has been in awhile.  For months and months, desserts, cakes and such would sit around the house when I am experimenting and eventually will get thrown out!  I know, I know! it's not good but I don't want to gain 10 lbs a weeks!

I found some willing guinea pigs... my hubbie's co-workers! 

I made them Mango Cupcakes last night, my hubbie helped, of course! He is the best-ever dishwasher! :D

Buttercream made out of REAL fruit!  Hope they like it!
 Italian sponge cake, mango syrup and mango buttercream.

Natural food colouring?

Once in a while, I thought of not using food colouring and it is a little intimidating!  The outcome is not consistent and it is hard to take that leap.   The high price of fruits will add to the overall cost.  But, Chef Maurizio P. (from PICA), showed me how easy it is to make naturally  flavoured and coloured butter cream from fruits, nuts and such.  I cannot go back! It tasted HEAVENLY! Absolutely, the best ever! Thanks Chef!
All natural buttercream from fruit purees and nut paste.  Clockwise:  Raspberry, Hazelnut, Pistachio and Passion Fruit.  Wow! if only we have Taste-o-vision!