Cait's 6th Birthday

I have been always intrigued by anything creative.  I am easily inspired by the things and people around me. My first introduction to the culinary arts was when I am 7 years old.  I remembered wanting a snack and my grandma, Lola, told me to make it myself.  I chop a potato, sprinkle it with salt (I thought it was salt but it was MSG, Yuck!) and I fried it on her wok.  I learned that hot oil hurts and that I can cook! I spent countless hours watching my grandma cook.  But, my eyes opened to bigger and better things when I saw my mom make Coconut Macaroons.  When she made a Taro (Ube) Cake, I fell in love with baking!

Below is the first fondant cake I made.  I took the "fondant" class at my local Michaels and I never looked back.

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