Emma's Posh Cake

Lee-Ann's oldest girl, Emma is turning 9! She liked a cake that I previous made called Winn's Roses.  I wanted it to be similar but younger.  I enjoyed making this cake and her mom request it to be made out of Marshmallow fondant.  It turns out that today, was the warmest day in the last 3 weeks...  It was sooo fun (NOT!) trying to cover a square cake while the marshmallow fondant was trying to melt off the cake.  How fun! But, Emma is such a sweet girl and I tried my best to make sure she gets a beautifully decorated spa cake!

In the end, I loved the design and how it turned out despite the heat.
Victorian Sponge Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Lee-Ann and Emma, I hope you enjoyed the cake and It would be get a copy of a photo to post! *hint* *hint*  :)

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