Pokemon Theme Party

I had not posted in awhile, be prepared... I have a few post to do!  First, Ty's 5th birthday.  Pokemon theme party featuring pokemon friends cake and pokeball cake pops.
Vanilla Cake with Vanilla buttercream

It's a love and hate relationships with cake pops, it's the only kind of cake I eat (must be because of the chocolate outer shell) but it's a labour intensive process. 

Bake the cake, make the buttercream, shape the pops, freeze, melt chocolate, dip the pops, dry, decorate, dry some more and decorate then dry some more.

But, seeing how the kids love it... it's all worth every effort!

Thanks and hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Pokemon Theme Party!! That sounds amazing. These pictures are also brilliant. Thanks a ton for sharing the photos here. My nephew’s 5th birthday was in last week and we had celebrated the day with entire family at some local garden Seattle venues. The kids also enjoyed this dinner bash a lot.

  2. That's awesome to hear! Pokémon is still huge even now and I'm glad that the blog is helping feed creativity! ❤️