Baby Shower Cake

Busy weekend this week.  It seems everything comes in 3s.  3 life changing news and 3 cakes!   On Wednesday, I was in panic mode but it all worked out as I had a cancellation.  Whew! Sometimes, you must look at the brighter side of things. 
 This cake is requested by a friend also named Christine for a Baby Shower.  She requested Vanilla and Mango.  I got the cradle idea from another  fellow blogger but I added my own spin on it, will credit her when I remember where I got it from. I decided to add the ruffles, ribbons and bows.  The pillow and babe is made out of gumpaste.  I was just going to fill the cradle with baby things but I decided to to make a baby boy.  The swaddle, I had to play around with and the baby pin has a non edible material, floral wire.

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