Little known Penguin - but SUPER none of the less!

One of our friends from school requested a SUPERTUX cake.  "Supertux?", I asked.  To make a long story short, it's a freeware game supplied to Linux customers. Their adorable boy, Ryan, loves the game and that started my journey getting to know Supertux.  To be honest, never heard of that game before and to be fair and design the cake accurately, I decided to play it.  It's not a bad game, the kids like it! It feels like and is very similar to Super Mario Bros.  I played it, designed it and made it.  Talk about dedication.  LOL.  Well hope you all like this cake.  I got quiet attached to the little penguin but I am happy to see that Ryan likes his cake and most importantly recognizes it as a Supertux cake.

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