Only in an Hour - Thomas the Train for Ty

Only one hour to assemble and decorate? no problem!
I asked Ty what cake he wanted he said Thomas.  After a stressful night, I did not feel like making the cake the night before.  So, the next morning, in between drop offs and pick ups from schools... We made this cake.  It took Ty and I one whole hour to assemble and decorate his 4th birthday cake.  I say, we did not do so bad considering we only had an hour.
Dutch Chocoalte Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  The cake topper was an actual toy that has been washed and sanitized.


  1. aww that's so cute! I haven't seen this cake yet for some reason, took only an hour? That's pretty good!

  2. It took 1 hr to make the buttercreams and decorate the cake with Tyler's help. I had to do it between kid's classes.