Another lesson learned and Miah's 22nd!

 It has been a very busy week. Lots of things going on. Bam! Before I knew it, projects due! So many little things went wrong but that is the GREAT thing about creating... You create even if it does not go your way! Well, here is the picture of the "wood flooring". I let this dry for a few days and the only thing I actually did in advance.
Fondant cake board, painted with gel food colour

Another reminder to myself? if in doubt add alittle more.   I short changed myself when I rolled my fondant and ended up rolling it too thin which caused tearing.  Fortunately, It teared on spots I could cover.  What a relief!

Hope Jeremiah likes his cake!  Mocha Chocolata Cake with Chocolate Swiss Buttercream!  
Rich and delicious!


  1. that is amazing!!. And I bet it is delicous too

  2. You have to ask Miah yourself! lol