Debbie's Wedding Cake

 *Sigh* Finally, after 3 days of shopping, prepping, baking, icing and decorating... it's finally done.  My first attempt on a wedding cake.  For my first time, I did not do too bad.  I can see ALL of the tiny imperfections  or improvements that I need to make for my second but this is a good learning curve and since it's my family, they would be more forgiving.  But, they all love the cake, I received an arm full of compliments and most importantly, it tasted great! Now, I know what to expect and stream line production - overall I am very happy with the result.
 Deb emailed me with a photo and she wishes to replicate it.  After a few flavour changes, we decided to do an Espresso Cake with Mascarpone and Chocolate Buttercream with Rum Syrup.  It tasted like a Tiramisu with a twist!  We had a blast, great food, good company and a Yummy Dessert!


  1. This cake is absolutely identical to the one that Debbie wanted for her wedding... and I was lucky enough to get a taste too!! and I must say, it wasn't only the looks that made this cake awesome!!

  2. Thank you, I am happy how it turned out.