Black and White Classic!

There something about a black and white cakes that screams classic!  It always reminds me of the classic 'Sabrina' movie with Audrey Hepburn.  Could it be the glorious black Givenchy dress?  How about topped with a classic and simple White Anemone flower? 

I wanted to make a simple and classic cake donation for a silent auction and here is what I came up with inspired by P. Porschen.

I can't resist sharing another one... One of the cake designs that I made from the cake class with Cheft Maurizio P. from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.  


  1. that is pure class black and white. Bet it is good too!

  2. So classy and elegant, simply lovely!

  3. Thanks Virginie and LaTeza! Virginie: by the way, love ur cupcakes!