Butter Heaven!!!

Butter. What more can I say?  Butter taste good, makes everything it touches taste good.  You bake without it... it does not taste the same! On corn... yum! toast, pasta, popcorn, cupcakes...

So, Can you make butter at home?  I heard it's alot of work, churning and churning forever!  Every family has a butter churning story!  Mine, my family? Nope.. asian/ oriental cuisine does not use or depend on butter (oh! sacrilege!).  Anyways, on our first class with Chef Maurizio, he mentioned that when you over whipped cream, don't panic, just keep on going and make butter.  Make butter? butter? really?  I am so intrigued!  Chef gave us a quick run down on making butter but I am so determine to make my yellow goodness at home that I came home that same night and was 'googling' (is that a word?) how to make butter!  Yep, I found excellent instruction over the internet!

So, when to the market and purchased regular whipping cream and the organic version.  It took me a few days to get enough courage to go ahead and make my own *gulp* butter!

So here is the result... (summarized version)
over whipped cream, turning a little yellow and a little thick!

fat separating from milk which will turn to buttermilk

I don't have a picture of the straining.  I used a cheese cloth and separated the fat from the buttermilk.  You'll end up with a yellow, yummy butter. Remember, rinse your butter to completely rinse the buttermilk. Drain well!

 taste test! Unsalted butter, left: store brand.  I can hardly taste the difference but the home made butter texture is so smooth!

Last but not the least, fresh buttermilk!

A few facts before, I end this super long post, bare with me and thanks for your patience!
These info are taken from sources. I am no butter expert but here's what I learned.
  • When you use your Kitchen Aid to over-whip your cream, it will splash everywhere, unless you want to wear milk and smell like buttermilk, please cover your kitchen aid (while whipping) with a tea towel or something.
  • Best butter money can buy are European butters, it has over 80% butter fat.  Store bought ones (yes, even the organic ones) have at least 10% less.  
  • Store bought ones are mix with water or the buttermilk is not completely drain.  Why? they have more yield on their production.$$$ *cha-ching!*
  • The more butter fat your butter has the better!
  • Always use unsalted, you can control your salt!

Thank You!

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